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Education, Events & Public Programs

Learn about and celebrate the trailblazers, freedom seekers, and Abolitionists who have crossed the threshold of the Haines House over the past two centuries. AAPS presents special events throughout the year, educational experiences for traditional school and homeschooled students, and public speaker programs at the House, at Rodman Library or for your own organization wherever you meet.


Programs for Community / Adults

The Alliance Preservation Society presents programs throughout the area and at the Haines House for service clubs, church groups and other community organizations. Some of our programs include:

Historic Herb Gardens - The volunteers at the Haines House have put together a program around the 26 varieties of vintage herbs in the Haines House garden. The program is offered to clubs with a maximum attendance of 25.

Appetizers and herbal teas are offered in the yard during a tour of the garden. The guests are invited in the home for a catered luncheon that uses recipes containing herbs. Then a 30 minute program explains the background and uses of the lesser known herbs. A tour of the house is optional.

The Underground Railroad in the Alliance Area -
The role of local Quakers and local geography is emphasized. Contact Frank Barrett at 330-938-0087

Civil War Veterans Buried at Quaker Hill and the Alliance City Cemetery - Contact Frank Barrett at 330-938-0087

John Hunt Morgan, Confederate Civil War General - Contact Frank Barrett at 330-938-0087

The Sebring Brothers and their Potteries - Contact Frank Barrett at 330-938-0087

​Historic Preservation in Alliance - Power Point about the process of designating buildings in Alliance as local landmarks. Contact Martha McClaugherty 330-821-6020 or

Preservation of the Haines House - Wonder what it takes to transform an abandoned historic home into a community treasure? Michal Barrett and Ann Hendel review the broad-based community effort to save the oldest brick house in Alliance and tell its amazing story. Contact Ann Hendel 330-821-9211 / .

The Abolitionists of Alliance - Who were the people and families in our area who worked to end slavery and helped fugitive slaves. The people and their stories are what this program is all about. Contact Robb at 330-257-5751 / to schedule this program.


Levi Lamborn: More Than the Man Behind the Carnation - It would be as hard to overestimate the impact of Levi Lamborn on Alliance as it would to overstate his interests and varied careers. Physician, newspaperman, horticulturalist, politician, banker, and real estate developer only cover the highlights of his long life. Contact Robb at 330-257-5751 / to schedule this program.

Before Alliance: New Opportunities, New Outlooks in Ohio — 1805-1851 - Much of what we treasure as Alliance history actually predates the founding of the city. This program talks about the people and events that turned a wilderness into a community. Contact Robb at 330-257-5751 / to schedule this program.

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Programs for Schools / Children

AAPS presents programs for children and school groups both in schools and at the Haines House. Some of our programs include:

Life in Alliance Before Electricity
This Kindergarten Program at the Haines House was developed to teach the children what life in Alliance was like without electricity. It covers the Common Core standards for this level.

Each class is divided into 3 groups of 7-8 children. They rotate among three stations. In the first station, they compare the 1850 kitchen with theirs at home. They learn how to make cornbread and butter. The students shell the corn cobs, grind the corn, mix batter and pretend to bake in a wood burning stove. While they are doing this, they shake cream to make butter. Then they get a small corn muffin with home-made butter to taste.

The next station allows them to learn about the life of a child in the 1850s. They wear vests and aprons and play with reproduction wooden toys.

They continue their hands-on study at the last station where they compare their daily schedule with the chores of a child in 1850. Then they write on slate with chalk. Finally, they match modern objects with antique ones commonly found in a home.

Pre- and post-lessons are prepared for the teachers and each child receives a free ticket to return to the house with an adult. The program is only offered for a minimum of 60 children.


Imagine and Create Your Own Historic House

Learn about historic houses in Alliance then use your new knowledge to draw and color your own imaginary historic house. This program is designed for small groups of children and takes about 1 1/2 hours. Contact Martha at 330-821-6020 or

Learn about the Underground Railroad
A program full of games and reenactments. Designed to meet 8th grade learning standards. Contact Haines House at 330-823-5353.

Your Historic Home Program Series
AAPS has a series of programs focused on your own home. Every house has at least a bit of history. Learn about it with one of these programs which include:

• Alliance's Neighborhoods & Homes 

• Alliance's Sears Home & Kit Houses 

• Mid-Century Modern in Alliance 

• Alliance's First Housing Boom: The Teeters-Lamborn Addition

• Tomorrow's Home...Today! --Alliance's Post-WWII National Homes 

• Alliance's Government Addition: A WWI Workingman's Home!

Contact Robb at 330-257-5751 / or to schedule a program

Alliance's Sears & Kit Houses - title bl

Alliance Railroad History

Alliance would not be here without the railroad. It is a story that reflects our country's history.

A True Child of Steam – Great Stories of Alliance Railroad History  - The conventional railroads are essential to the founding and development of Alliance. Program is a 40-minute whirlwind review of Alliance's long-term relationship with "The High Iron."

Contact Robb at 330-257-5751 /  to schedule a program.

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