Trailblazers, Freedom Seekers
& Abolitionists!

Their stories are the story of the Haines House . . .  an almost two-century-old home where the seminal struggle for American social justice took shape among the pioneers of the Ohio heartland.

The Haines House Underground Railroad Museum will present a new Holiday program of dramatic readings within the walls of our historic home. Voices of a Civil War Christmas is scheduled for Saturday, December 3, 2022, beginning at 7:00 pm. Local performers will read the words of famous authors, Abolitionists, and everyday people telling their stories of the years leading up to, and during, the Civil War. Admission is $10.00, and advanced reservations are required (Seating limited to 51).

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Tour the Haines House

The Alliance Area Preservation Society offers tours of the Haines House throughout the year. The House is open for drop-in tours the first weekend of every month March through November, and Sunday through Friday of Carnation Festival. A donation of $5.00 per person is requested, children under 10 are FREE. See schedule at right.

Tours by appointment are available by calling Ann Hendel at 330-821-9211, or Robb Hyde at 330-257-5751, or by emailing A minimum of four persons or donation of $20 is required for these tours.

2022 Tour Schedule

Final Open House Weekend for 2022

Fri, Nov 4 - 2 - 4 pm

Sat, Nov 5 - 10 am - Noon

Sun, Nov 6 - 1 - 3 pm

No Open House Weekends in
December, January & February . . .
Call to schedule a Tour by Appointment

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Can You Help?

Our first major fundraising drive in two decades . . .

Johanessen portico drawing 1969.jpg
Eric Johannesen's original design for the portico

The Haines House Portico, Exterior Envelope and Kitchen Foundation Restoration Project will address major issues to secure the exterior integrity of the Haines House. It will be conducted in three phases over the next year, beginning this July, with the restoration of the signature front portico of the Haines House. 

The portico includes portions (primarily the pilasters) that were likely part of John Grant’s 1842 original construction, with the remainder being from Eric Johannesen’s reconstruction in 1969-70. Both are considered historically significant, as Johanessen’s preservation work included
not only the Haines House, but preservation of Chapman Hall and Glamorgan Castle, and buildings throughout northeast Ohio and the Western Reserve in his 20-year role as Preservation Officer for the State of Ohio. Costs are estimated at $33,000 for this work, which will repair as is possible and replace as is needed. 

Spot repointing of brick; and repair, restoration and maintenance of select eaves, doorways and windows will begin in the fall. We will focus on the two chimneys of the 1842 section of the House, and likely continue into the spring of 2023 for the remainder of the exterior work. Cost for this portion of the work is estimated at $16,000.
The final phase of the project, foundation restoration of the southwest corner of the original 1826-28 house/old kitchen, will be completed in the spring of 2023 with an estimated cost of $5,000. We’ve added a $6,000 buffer for unforeseen costs to place the total project cost/fundraising goal at $60,000.

What Our Visitors Say

“Wonderful historical home. Enjoyable tour experience. Knowledgeable tour guide. Highly recommend.”

Cindy Moser, Alliance